Database of All Noelex/Farr940 yachts residing in Australia

Previous pages described the existence of a complete database.

It has eventuated that many Copyright © articles have been illegally obtained and many are displayed on other web sites without the permission of the author of those articles and/or without giving due credit where due.

In one instance the original 'Handy Hints' booklet was compromised and was advertised on the Internet as a Free E-Book whilst a privately produced slideshow had its creator's name changed to that of another party who purported that article to be of his creation.

The 'Handy Hints' booklet was created in booklet form from many newsletters forming part of the author's collection. NX owners may like to download a copy for their personal use.

There are other instances of pirated copyrighted items currently under investigation. As a result the database will for the time being be kept under the author's control and not published at this stage on this site.

Presently enrolled Facebook family members can view a database of family 'friends' by selecting the 'documents' icon on the Noelex family page.

Any new owner is invited to submit details to in order to keep the records of current ownership and yacht location as accurate as possible. On the other hand, join the Family on Facebook and update your record via that source.