Historical notes from Australian research

The Noelex 25 was first produced in New Zealand by Marten Marine Industries, following the highly successful Noelex 22 designed in 1968 by Noel Honey and Alex Trethewey. The name 'Noelex' is derived from the names of the designers. The 22 quickly became the most popular trailer yacht sailing in New Zealand, and today is still very popular in that country. The NX25 series began with number501 and all yachts produced have continued with consecutive numbering.
Production in New Zealand ceased upon sale of the moulds to Australian interests in 1987. The last NX25 build in NZ was number 911. All yachts since then are Australian produced. Noelex Yachts Australia Pty Ltd produced yachts from August 1987 to April 1995 at Goolwa, South Australia. The company went into liquidation in June 1995. The latest NX25 is number 1028, making a total in excess of 500 having been constructed.
Earlier models had a solid deck configuration. Number 748 was officially the first model with a 'pop top', followed by further improvements commencing with number 800 when an attractive interior head liner was introduced.
The original design and rig configuration have remained unaltered throughout; only the interior layout has undergone 'cosmetic' changes.
For racing, strict One Design Class Rules are maintained. Class Rules requirements make it virtually impossible to amend the Class Rules which is one of the major reasons why the NX25 retains popularity and high resale value. The Noelex 25 is a fast racer and an ideal cruiser.
She can be sailed almost single handed and has proved to be virtually indestructible.
There are currently 261 Noelex25 yachts in Australia and 266 in New Zealand.


·         First Noelex25 number 501 was constructed in November 1977 by Marten Marine Industries Ltd Auckland New Zealand

·         First Noelex 25 domiciled in Australia is number 622

·        First Noelex 25 with a factory fitted pop top is number 748 (some before this number were privately retro fitted later)

·        First Noelex 25 officially fitted with a headliner is number 800

·        Last Noelex 25 build in New Zealand is number 911

·        First Australian made Noelex 25 is number 913* build late 1987 by Noelex Yachts Australia Pty Ltd of Goolwa SA

·        Last Noelex 25 build to date is number 1028

·        There are 266 Noelex 25’s in New Zealand

·        There are 261 Noelex 25’s in Australia that makes 527 in total.

·         All but one are still sailing !!

·         *the number 912 was not allocated to any yacht.


·        First Noelex 30 constructed is number 1501

·        Almost all Noelex 30 yachts are New Zealand produced

·        For a short period post 1987 Noelex 30 was marketed as a Farr 940 by Sea Nymph - New Zealand

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