An extensive library comprising newsletters from the date of inauguration on 1 July 1996 through to June 2011 is available to interested owners.

On 1 July 1996 the role of 'Newsletter Editor' was assumed by Fred Viergever who remained in that position up to the Annual General Meeting of 5 July 2011. Initially newsletter covers bore the name 'Telltales' and were printed by outside printers.

The editor re-designed the cover page and layout to a more colourful design and made improvements over a period of years to a new format from a 2-column newspaper type design to a full page design for easier reading on computer monitors. To keep the newsletters interesting the only advertising included pages listing yachts for sale. The 'Yachts For Sale' segment was introduced in the mid 2000's and became an outstanding success. It is estimated that in excess of 140 yachts of both classes changed ownership via the segment resulting in owners selling privately and thus collectively saving many thousands of dollars in potential yacht broking charges.

Every issue of "Telltales' issued from 1 July 1996 until June 2011 was written and designed wholly by Fred in his voluntary capacity as Newsletter Editor for NYAA Inc. Many articles were written by Noelex owners and reproduced 'as submitted' with the approval of those contributors. The only assistance ever supplied were the outstanding patience and assistance by his wife Pauline, especially during the early years and latter 1990's when each page was produced via a photocopier. By the mid 2000's the digital era began which supplied some relief with the invention of ADSL which allowed dispatch of digitally prepared newsletters via email.

From his extensive archive which includes newsletters dating back as far as the early 1980's, much historical information regarding Noelex Yachts in Australia has been preserved for the sake of austerity. Apart from anecdotal information such as cruising trips, databases of both classes of boats manufactured in Australia and those imported as used yachts from other countries have been compiled.

In more than 90% of instances progressive ownership of every Noelex yacht residing in Australia is available on request.

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All historical notes from records by and copyrighted © to the original researcher Fred Viergever.