About Us

The Noelex family web site is an extension of the Noelex family Facebook site which is the premium place to obtain or supply information about all there is to know about the intricacies of a Noelex25 or Noelex30 yacht. The Facebook page is open to anyone owning a Noelex yacht who considers him/her to be a 'friend' of other Noelex family members. Ask questions and get answers from those who know.

The Facebook page will show as a ‘closed’ group as it is intended for those persons genuinely interested in anything concerning a Noelex yacht. A complete database comprising every Noelex yacht in Australia is held to confirm current ownership but any person having recently acquired a Noelex yacht may wish to first contact us for information by email at noelex@noelex.com

To join the Noelex family, simply go to www.facebook.com search under Groups for Noelex family and select your application to 'Join this Group'. The moderator will then take the appropriate action to process your application.

The Noelex family group is a fully independent entity, has no committee hence no backroom politics, no annual subscription charges or any other fees and no specific Rules apart from an expectation that family members act and behave in a responsible manner when communicating with one another.

The website can also be utilized by those persons currently owning a Noelex yacht and would like to use the facility to advertise their yacht in the For Sale section. Details about this facility can be obtained via email messaging to the above address.

Family members can leave the Noelex family at any time if and when desired.