Historical facts about Noelex yachts

The Noelex group of family yachts originated in New Zealand during the 1970's and comprised essentially three different sized yachts: Noelex22 - Noelex25 and Noelex30. There was also a Farr940 details of which are explained below.

There are no known records in Australia in regard to production of Noelex22 yachts.

The Noelex25 came from a design by Alex Trethaway and Noel Honey and it is from their first names that the name Noelex eventuated.

The Noelex30 is from a Bruce Farr design.

Noelex22 yachts were exclusively manufactured in New Zealand.

Similarly Noelex25 yachts were initially manufactured by Marten Marine Pty Ltd of Howick NZ since the later 1970's era. The insignia used comprised the letters NX followed by a number commencing with 500.

Both Noelex22 and Noelex25 are a Nationally recognised class in New Zealand. Noelex25 and Noelex30 are a recognised class in Australia.

Marten Marine produced 412 NX25 yachts and ceased production with NX number 911 in 1987 when all rights, patents and the like were acquired by an Australian based syndicate which commenced building those at a newly formed company titled Noelex Yachts Australia Pty Ltd with building facilities located at Goolwa in SA.

In total a further 113 boats were produced with number 912 never allotted. Officially the last number was NX1026.

By 1997 the Australian builders went into liquidation and production was taken over initially by Austral Yachts Pty Ltd of Hackham SA but no records are available regarding any NX25 produced by that builder. Two hull/deck units of the Noelex30 model, numbers 1634 and 1637 were fitted out by Austral Yachts, both boats going into charter at the Gippsland Lakes.

A Melbourne based syndicate made an effort to revamp building which produced NX25 number 1027 and later on a hull/deck unit surfaced from Austral Yachts which was acquired by a private individual which became number 1028. The syndicate also acquired a hull/deck of a Noelex30 thought to have been produced by Austral Yachts which was allocated number 1638.

Noelex30 yachts were also produced by Marten Marine from a design by Bruce Farr. The rights, patens etc eventually passed on to the Australian syndicate but during the period of negotiation, boats continued to be produced in New Zealand by a Bruce Farr owned subsidiary named Dell Marine. Boats were marketed exclusively in New Zealand under the name Farr940 but were essentially identical to the Noelex30. Only around a dozen boats were marketed under that name. Some were exported over a period of years as used boats to Australia but none of those bear an NX serial number and have a Farr940 sail insignia.

Noelex30 yachts used a similar NX insignia as the Noelex25 but commenced with number 1501. Whilst the numbering sequence was followed, not every number was allotted to a completed NX30. Marten Marine built 111 boats, Australia produced a further 6 and 10 allotted numbers were never constructed. It is thought that a further 11 boats were sold as Farr940 yachts making the total constructed as 128 boats.

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Over the years a number of used boats of all classes were exported by New Zealand owners to Australia. Only one new NX25 built in Australia was ever exported to New Zealand.

A comprehensive database of all Noelex yachts in Australia is currently held. The list features a fairly accurate reflection of the various owners of each boat over the years together with original and replaced boat names, date constructed, colour etc. Owners may contact via email at noelex@noelex.com for details. The database was privately researched over many years, resulting in identification of almost every Noelex yacht residing in Australia.

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