Why a Noelex family?

Some 60 years ago we had inkwells with pen and nibs, transistor radios and typewriters. Shortly thereafter we had the 'biro' and a calculator followed by vinyl records, cassette tapes and the 'walkman'.

By the 1980's we had fax machines and businesses had large computers. Then came the desktop personal computer, followed in the 90's by email, CD writers and colour printers.

By the turn of the century all this changed and just over 11 years into the 21st century all has gone and is replaced with I-pads, mobile phones, LED 3D TV and so on.

We used to have clubs, lodges, societies - all of them having to record everything manually in journals. The world has changed dramatically in a short space of time.

We now have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more social sites. We can hold video conferences, show our holiday pictures instantly and make our own and upload videos.

So why not keep up and have a little foresight and be progressive in this new digital age.

With the profound changes many clubs with members spread over a continent are surely doomed. This is especially the case with persons owning a Noelex yacht who no longer have the need to belong to a particular club or association to get information in return for an annual subscription. All information can now be easily obtained, simply by asking via a social site. The immediate benefit is that there is no cost, no need to attend meetings, no Rules and Regulations and thus no politics, instant communication and there is always a search engine available - and best of all it is free of charge.

The Noelex family site has been set up for the convenience of Noelex owners anywhere and all participating owners are willing to pass on and exchange information freely or learn from your experience.

People buy a Noelex yacht to enjoy the gift of nature without being hassled by overseeing bodies, rules and regulations and just want to go out and relax in Nature's wonderland.

Why not give it a go and join the Noelex family on Facebook and share your experiences - you can always leave at anytime if the site does not live up to expectations - no questions asked.